Speaking of Depressing…

According to Business Week, Portland is the unhappiest city in the United States. You can read the reasoning here.

Of course, my girlfriend and I are catching wreck from every which way, friends and family warning a move to Portland probably isn’t in our best interests. But my response is this: You think living in a climate where the weather wades below 0°F is healthy? If opening the local newspaper and seeing the day’s high is -25°F doesn’t cause you to tie a noose, I think you’ll be fine when it’s 45°F and drizzle. I know Portland gets a lot of rain. I enjoy rain. I would take a dreary day over a sunny one every time. I love golfing in the rain.

These “studies” are so counterproductive because you go out and attempt to paint an entire city a single emotional state, as if the citizens of Portland are all one bad day away from calling it quits. Ludicrous.

We’re still moving. If we’re not depressed by a Minnesota winter, I think we can handle Oregon’s. I’ll let ’90s alternative rock band Garbage summarize my thesis:

One thought on “Speaking of Depressing…

  1. hey andrew! long time no see. good to see you have a blog — or at least one that jeremiah linked so i could get to it. moving to portland? awesome! enjoy!

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