Spring Broke

Typing this one very slowly, very gingerly, trying to avoid use of the right pointer finger which I sliced on a piece of a glass last night cleaning up the bar. Is there an injured list for bloggers? Sliced digits would have to be the equivalent of a high-ankle sprain in basketball or turf toe in football. What would be the torn ACL for a blogger? Carpal tunnel?

Spring Break officially kicks off Saturday for students at Minnesota State and colleges elsewhere in the U.S. The government is saying don’t go to Mexico, as if a very violent death is imminent to all visitors. So, as you can imagine, those few I know who are going on break are bound for a neighbors to the South.

I have to imagine Spring Break travel is down, and if it’s not, it’s being paid for with financial aid loans. (The sub-prime mortgage of 19-year-olds everywhere.) I indulged in a little trip last year to Tampa/Clearwater, Florida. Hearing about the football players who were lost at sea 30 miles off of Clearwater Beach makes me think back to the water, which was freezing! I paid $700 for four days, and all I wanted was some warm saltwater and a sunburn. I got the latter.

Spring Break is a considerable waste of money, but if you’re young, single and you can afford, I get it. What saddens me, though, is certain cities unworthy have earned unofficial status as “Spring Break destinations.” If I were to save $1200 to go somewhere for break, I’d try to make it overseas. The thought of over-saturated beaches, rife with bikini clad daughters breaking their fathers’ hearts and dudes in board shorts who spent the past three weeks fasting for a beach body kind of sickens me.

Blood on the “J” key. No more typing for now. I didn’t avoid a Spring Break vacation only to catch an infection from my very own keyboard.

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