Smoking Ban Passes in South Dakota


I’m pleasantly surprised my home state of South Dakota just passed a statewide smoking ban prohibiting smoking in all bars and restaurants. A similar act passed a few years ago in Minnesota, and while controversial at first, I think people have generally come to accept it as a good thing. (That goes for smokers and non-smokers alike.)

It’s funny to see how South Dakotans are responding to the ban. There’s going to be plenty of naysayers bemoaning the “rights” of private business owners, claiming this is a stupid move in our economic climate.

I’m hoping later today to have a clip of “Common Man” Dan Cole’s obliteration of a caller who felt the new Minnesota law prohibiting parents from smoking with children in the car was a violation of the First Amendment. In 2009, it’s shocking some people are still oblivous to the dangers of secondhand smoke.

One thought on “Smoking Ban Passes in South Dakota

  1. I totally agree.

    What part of protecting the rest of the non-smoking population from cancer and death is violating any sort of amendment?!

    Worst. Arguement. Ever.

    I mean seriously…who goes into court to say “If I want to suck back a pack of Marlboros with by boy in the car so be it. Asthma and teenage throat cancer are all the rage…telling me I can’t essentially be an accessory to murder is a violation of my freedom of speech.”

    Really?! I mean…f’n really?!

    Three cheers for South Dakota!

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