Honesty is Everything

Virgin Mobile has just launched a very clever viral campaign, which can be found at rightmusicwrongs.org. The campaign aims to expose lesser-known artists while pointing out the obvious fluff in the industry. This in mind, they’ve created a Top Ten Music Wrongs list. Currently, that list is:

  1. Soulja Boy — (All Songs)
  2. Milli Vanilli — (All Songs)
  3. David Hasselhoff — “Hooked on a Feeling”
  4. Don Johnson — “Heartbeat”
  5. Peter Andre — (All Songs)
  6. Crazy Frog — (All Songs)
  7. Baha Men — “Who Let the Dogs Out?”
  8. LFO — “Summer Girls”
  9. Bros — “When Will I Be Famous?”
  10. Westlife — “Swear It Again”

The list — which changes daily thanks to user voting and new submissions — is harder on actors-turned-singers and boy bands. (Rightfully so.) As a way of measuring your “music cred,” check out the full list and see how many of the songs or artists are currently in your iTunes. I’m proud to say nothing from the Top Ten can be found in mine. But, I do have to admit to owning songs lower on the list: Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” (No. 36) and MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” (No. 37).

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