The Realest Reality TV Show Ever?

I quit watching MTV. Not on purpose, really. Ever since I purchased an HDTV, I’ve been sticking to the HD channels. Lowly MTV resides at channel 45, but I rarely leave channels 769-799. For months, I plain forgot about MTV.

I’m kind of interested in watching “College Life” though. At 24, I feel far enough removed my freshman year where nostalgia is acceptable. But, as a teaching assistant with an English 101 class full of freshmen, I don’t know how much more debauchery I can take in. It’s bad enough having to read about it. (“I was so drunk at this party last weekend…”)

Maybe I don’t love the subject, but I love the method. This is anti-“The Hills.” Doesn’t look like there’s much for polish. And judging by the trailer, MTV might have to throw up a motion-sickness warning prior to each episode. “College Life” might just prove to be the realest reality TV show in so far as the subjects film themselves.

Eight college students. Eight cameras. It’s so simple, even MTV could think it up.

One thought on “The Realest Reality TV Show Ever?

  1. I can only imagine this would SERIOUSLY screw up any shot at a normal freshman experience. You’re not just a face in the crowd…you’re the dude who is on MTV and all of your new friends will be Q-list celebrities as a result.

    Honestly, I can only assume it would ruin the whole experience.

    Granted, had I been in this situation it would have been hours of footage of me doing homework, sleeping until noon and eating double my body weight in cafeteria food. Not exactly fodder for an Emmy.

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