Jon Stewart is Our Media Watchdog

Initially, I was concerned about the future of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” when Barack Obama was elected president. The show seemed to thrive on ripping the Bush Administration. However, even with Obama in office, Jon Stewart remains sharp as ever. His latest target: CNBC.

In particular, Stewart has taken on CNBC’s Rick Santelli and Jim Cramer. Take a gander:

The legendary ownage reminds me of a few years back when Stewart literally sank one of CNN’s most popular talk shows, “Crossfire.” One Stewart rant — the perfect balance of hilarity and common sense — damaged the show’s reputation beyond repair. Check it out:

Now, say what you will about what role Stewart and “The Daily Show” should play in our media, but who else out there has done more to keep the media accountable for its actions? Sure, it’s ironic we rely on a comedian who works for Comedy Central, but nowadays, it’s the media that’s most laughable. Stewart may at times show immaturity or take cheap shots, but his heart is in the right place and his observations are so often dead-on. It’d be nice to have an Edward R. Murrow or Walter Cronkite for this generation, but we’ll settle on Stewart. Better him than no one.

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