I’m No Longer Among the Vulnerable

0607345600I’m no longer among the 89 million Americans without health insurance. I got the good news tonight from HealthPartners, who called and left a message to inform me I’d been approved. What a relief. Ever since I got in a car accident in December, I’ve felt a little prone to misfortune. At least now I’ve got a safety net.

The call I missed from HealthPartners was to inform me the payment couldn’t be processed because I’d provided an invalid debit card number. As it were, TCF Bank suffered a database security breach on Monday, so mine was among the thousands of cards canceled in order to prevent identity theft and/or fraudulent purchases. (This is the second breach they’ve suffered in the past three months.) I got to thinking what would happen if I’d suffered an injury some time after I’d been approved by HealthPartners, but didn’t have coverage because of the glitch at TCF Bank. A series of unfortunate events, indeed, but avoided nonetheless.

I returned a call to Linda at HealthPartners presumably after office hours, so I got her voicemail. She left a considerably long personal message, which then gave way to the automated message so often used for voicemail inboxes. After roughly a minute of detailed instruction, I wanted to scream. Who, in 2009, doesn’t know how or when to leave a message? We text message. We e-mail. We blog. We Facebook. And we still need to be told to leave the message after the tone? Unbelievable.

3 thoughts on “I’m No Longer Among the Vulnerable

  1. oh it’s after the tone!!!

    that explains soooo much and to think, that job as mariners general manager was mine for the taking…if only i’d known it was after the beep.

    …i totally agree, to this day that’s one of my top 27 least favorite things on the planet. i want to meet the lady who is still raking in royalties from recording that simple phrase 15 years ago. then i want to shake her hand for making a great career choice. then i want to punch her in the throat, b/c i’m sick and tired of hearing her voice.

    that is all.

  2. great news! but watch out for those ‘gap cover’ costs … when the treatment goes above the amount covered. Can still crippled one :-)

    but yeah, better to be safe.

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