Facebook Changes: Here We Go Again


It seems once or twice per year, the good yet seemingly bored folks of Facebook feel it necessary to switch around a layout or two. This is the case with the new Facebook homepage, which is conceptually very Twitter. Rather than posting a status like before, users post what’s on their mind.

Of course, right now, everyone hates the changes. But if I’ve learned anything in my four years on Facebook, it’s that every change goes from being despised at first to eventually embraced. In fact, general response has become so consistent, overtime I’ve observed:

The Steps to Adjusting to New Facebook Layouts

  1. In a fit of confusion, users will react to new-found layout changes by posting a smarmy, underdeveloped rant as their status. For example, “FB sucks.” Or, “Going to the tanning bed and watching ‘The O.C.’ tonight. Who’s in? Oh, new FB sucks!”
  2. Growing disdain leads to the formation of several activist groups that will, in the end, be ineffective toward their cause. Groups are often called “10 Million People Who Think The New Facebook Sucks!” or “If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It, Facebook!” Initial membership skyrockets overnight.
  3. Users begin to utilize new functions brought by Facebook changes. For instance, those hesitant toward status updates eventually felt it necessary to provide 3,432 status updates each day, thus keeping a journal for ones goings-on with posts every 25 seconds of the day.
  4. Protest eventually falls to the wayside. The “new layout” is gradually accepted as “the layout.” Said layout proves more functional, which in turn attracts a growing number of adult members.
  5. As months pass, users forget the layout ever looked any different. But, when Facebook posts a banner on the homepage warning of looming changes ahead, users prepare to revert to step 1.

At first glace, I don’t like the “new” Facebook. But my growing disenchantment stems from its users, not its general appearance. You know what’s irritating me? These silly little pictures with dozens of caricatures which users post with tags for each of their friends in accordance with various superlatives. This ought be a violation of some sort, cause for a report, at least. What an obnoxious trend. Any day now, my dear mother will join Facebook. That’s not the kind of Facebook I want to leave her with.

One thought on “Facebook Changes: Here We Go Again

  1. I’m not sure I could agree anymore if I physically tried. Odds are I’d just end up popping a blood vessel and all would be for nothing.

    I’ve noticed the exact same trend in regards to new layouts and was just ranting about it this morning. My rant was more centered on the fact that I’ve yet to receive the honor of the newest-new Facebook layout and as such, I have no opportunity to piss and moan.

    Note: Those silly little picture things sorta make me want to hurl. I am, however, worried that I shall wind up drunkenly doing it at 3am some idle Tuesday and wake up in a pool of my own shame and regret.

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