My friend Jeremiah Graves isn’t much a fan of the new McDonald’s commercial for the filet-o-fish sandwich. He blogged about it today. You haven’t seen it? Have a gander before I go on:

Sometimes, an ad campaign can be stupid and brilliant all at once. I appreciate this commercial because every Lent season, we’re bombarded with fish-related ads out of nowhere from the normal burger big-whigs. The subtext is simple: It’s Lent, Catholics. You’ll love our sandwich on Fridays.

Burger King chose to go a different route a few years ago:

The thesis to this one? Burger King fish sandwichs are OK in the hood. And it’ll help you land a girl, too. Of course, BK was vying for the same Catholic contingency, but their marketing scheme was even more ridiculous. I want to be at the board meeting where a group of well-dressed, well-educated, industry experts battle over ways to get a fish sandwich street cred.

Ad campaigns are best when they abide the old acronym K.I.S.S., or, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Well done, McDonald’s.

One thought on “BEST. SONG. EVER.

  1. I suppose we’ll have to agree to disagree.

    I appreciate that the commercial is clearly memorable and sticks with you…the problem is it makes me want to destroy the Filet-o-Fish in a back alley with a tire iron.

    …but I’d have to buy one to do so, wouldn’t I?!

    You win this round, McDonalds!!

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