Everyone is Hating on Blake Griffin

You know what I love most about Oklahoma star Blake Griffin? The guy will throw down some of the most impressive dunks, fight through triple teams, wrestle for every last rebound and endure the hardest fouls and never once show an emotion. As we saw again last night, his intense play rattles opponents. Unfortunately, he’s suffered several other cheap shots this season by frustrated opponents:

You know how you respond to that kind of crap? Hoist an NCAA Tournament championship trophy. Or, get drafted No. 1 overall in the 2009 NBA Draft.

2 thoughts on “Everyone is Hating on Blake Griffin

  1. I like how he just laughs about it, simply letting his on-court play speak for itself. He’s just the newest guy in a class of, well, classy current/future NBA stars. Look at all the new guys, starting from LeBron/Wade through Durant/Rose (leave out OJ Mayo- the big-mouthed exception). All these guys just exude class, it’s a refreshing change from the rotten thug days of NBA seasons past.

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