I Am Perfect

No one in the world better predicted the first day of the NCAA Tournament better than I. Unfortunately, thousands picked it the same. I picked all 16 of Thursday’s games correctly, including No. 12 Western Kentucky over No. 5 Illinois and No. 10 Maryland over No. 7 California. Am I bragging? Hell yes, because I know there’s no way tomorrow will go as well. Still, not a bad way to start out one’s bracket.

Two of my four “serious” brackets remain perfect. As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to take set rules across a whole bracket to see which would be most successful in the end.

So, how did the rules fair after Day One?

Back to another day of game watching. My girlfriend’s dad, a die-hard college basketball fan, is going to be in town today. Then, one of my oldest friends is coming to town for the weekend. He’s a Dukie. Can’t wait to razz him over Tyler Hansbrough taking over J.J. Redick’s all-time leading ACC scorer title. I wonder if he has seen this video yet.

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