Believe the Hype — Technology Matters in Golf

cimg1532_2After receiving a considerable tax return, I decided to start my golf set from scratch. I had been playing a bang up set of Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scots I picked up from the local club pro when I was 11. They came with 1-1/2 inch shaft extensions, which I now blame for my past decade of mediocrity. Never did settle on a driver of note. Usually just some worn out hand-me-down or something I scooped from the lost-and-found the summer I worked at a golf course.

Using eBay, I was able to purchase a fresh set on the cheap:

  • Nike Ignite irons (3H; 4-PW) for $260.
  • Nike Sumo2 5900 driver (Stiff) for $120.
  • Nike Xtreme Sport II golf bag for $90.

True, I haven’t rounded out my set. I still need some wedges and (hopefully) a new putter, but mixing the old with the new, I was able to get out over the weekend and work off some of the winter rust.

I’ve never been long off the tee, but I’m in love with the Nike Sumo2 5900. The square clubhead is more comfortable than you would think and the face seems forgiving, especially off the toe. I’ve been watching my dad (who is 5-11, 155 lbs.) put it 50 yards past me now for years. I think I might just pull even this year.

Playing irons with standard shaft length seems beneficial, too. I felt like I was in better position, where playing with my previous irons meant I was standing up a little more to offset the extra shaft length. (My new 4-iron compares to my old 7-iron in length.)

I hit about 70 balls yesterday and got out this morning for nine holes. Played with my buddy Joel, who is just getting in to the game. This will be my 14th season of golf and this morning’s nine was literally his first time out. I’m looking forward to seeing him go through the common struggles newcomers often face. (Although I don’t think it matters how long you play. You’re always going to have those days where you ask, “Why in the hell am I playing this stupid sport?”)

Happy golf season to all who got out this weekend.

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