Losing Hope in Music

Growing up, Tuesdays were known as “New Music Tuesdays.” I remember paging through the Best Buy ad every Sunday morning, giddy to see which new albums would be released that Tuesday. This is back before I had a cell phone, no less an mp3 player. I did my share of illegal downloading, but we were rocking the 56K modem at home (until about 2004, actually) so I stuck with buying new CDs. Unfortunately, I had over 300 CDs stolen from my car when I was a freshman in college.

NMTs sort of evolved with iTunes and my first iPod. If anything, it made the expierence of music shopping better. The ability to listen to 30-second clips from every song on an album before buying it? I would click the refresh button on the iTunes Music Store home page starting just moments before midnight on Mondays. As soon as iTunes updated their store with all new releases, I was off previewing and purchasing.

I gave up drinking for quite some time my freshman year just to buy more music. True story.

Of course, this is where I rant about how there’s never anything new that I enjoy and NMTs have lost their luster. Perhaps. But I partially blame myself for not searching (as I once so ferociously did) for lesser-known artists and up-and-comers I could brag to my friends about “finding” first.

I’m in a rut. I’m looking through my two iPods and seeing the same old songs. I’m open to anything new at this point, really. So, by all means, use the comments section and catch me up on what I’m missing. I’m starting to come up with better ways to use my iPods:

One thought on “Losing Hope in Music

  1. I can only assume that my suggestions would be nothing but country music and stuff that other people were listening to years ago.

    I kinda suck at music. I love music and having it playing at all times…but my taste is less than stellar.

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