Unwanted Donated Items, Vol. 1

I live in a low-income apartment complex, which is practical considering my girlfriend and I are still in college. We’re easily among the youngest residents and among the minority who have just two people to their two-bedroom unit.

I needn’t say much about the people with whom we share this apartment. It wouldn’t be fair to single anyone out. Instead, I’m going to post some of the items that are occasionally left in our laundry room for anyone who’s interested in having them. It’s a strange kind of charity, because often residents will leave behind items that have no use whatsoever. Perhaps they’re saving themselves a trip to a dumpster. Whatever.

Here’s today’s unwanted donated items:


That’s right, it’s a set of four Buick 17-inch aluminum hubcaps. You know, just in case someone left your ’91 Buick Skylark on blocks and you’ve been looking for a matching set up hubcaps ever since. These wouldn’t fit my car, but I imagine them polished and spinning with white-wall tires. Gorgeous.

Check back for more unwanted donated items. The fun never ends at The Downtowners.

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