What the Iowa Same-Sex Marriage Ruling Means to Me

bildeFirst off, nothing. I’m a heterosexual male who has never lived in Iowa.

But from a societal standpoint, as part of a U.S. citizenship that is vastly polarized on the issue of gay marriage, I find myself rooting for Iowa lawmakers for throwing aside their political leanings and voting to make same-sex marriage unconstitutional. Why? Because it is. And such a vote was courageous in any part of the country, no matter the liberal coasts or convservative Midwest.

Here’s my stance: There is no slipperly slope with same-sex marriage. This doesn’t lead to other marriage redefinitions. I see the signs people bring to same-sex marriage protests warning such a ruling could lead to people marrying animals or children and so forth. That’s hysteria. That’s idiocy. I think the quickest way I could ever lose faith in humanity is by attending a same-sex marriage protest.

How could anyone take issue with two consenting adults of the same gender wanting to spend the rest of their lives committed to one another? How has love ever been destructive to our values? I told my girlfriend the other day I could be OK with civil unions for same-sex couples  as long as they were granted the same basic rights and benefits married people receive. That was before the Iowa ruling. Now, I see where civil unions are an unnecessary form of compromise which aim to appease those who fear marriage being redefined.

You might not like the idea of a same-sex couple getting married. Here’s the thing: I bet you know heterosexual couples who shouldn’t be married. You see them all the time, rushed into a loveless marriages due to an unexpected child or a quick trigger finger. Should those people not be allowed marriage, either?

I see it as a basic human right. Marriage is a proclamation of committment to one person, be they the same gender or opposite. I don’t understand how people fall in love with one another or why some people even want to be together. But love isn’t logical. It’s not rational. It just happens. I have enough faith in humanity to where if someone says they want to spend the rest of their life with someone else, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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