And My Job Search Begins…

Things are starting to get a little more “real” for me now that I’ve started to search for jobs in Portland. It’s not the actual moving-and-finding-a-place-to-live that scares me so much as the getting-there-and-finding-a-job. That’s why I’m looking now, four months in advance. A lot can change in four months.

I’ve got an English degree with a minor in mass communications. It’s not the sexiest degree out there, but it’s general enough to allow for a broad job search. Today, I started with two dream companies: Nike and the Portland Trail Blazers.

Of course, Nike is based in Beaverton, OR, which is about 15 miles from Gresham — where we’re planning on moving to. Nike jobs run the gamut, from basic sales jobs at one of their stores to managing training seminars, as with SPARQ training, which has been adopted at many health clubs across the country.

The Trail Blazers — who have one of the best young teams in the NBA — aren’t currently hiring. However, I posted a resume for jobs in the communications, creative services and sales-and-marketing departments. I would be happy selling tickets for the Blazers. I know a kid that does it for the T-Wolves. It means making 100 cold calls daily, but as long as I believe in the product, I think I could do it.

I’m always keeping my eyes open for journalism jobs, but everything’s at a stalemate with papers closing across the country. There will always be a need for journalists. But right now, it seems most media outlets are staying on guard and avoiding overstaffing.

Now, it might be safer to just stay in graduate school and hope to ride out the recession, but I’m ready to work. I realize times are hard for college graduates, but I’m ready and willing to work. In applying for job notification with the Blazers, I essentially said I would be willing to work long hours for little pay. A more accurate statement would be, “Will work for rent.” I’m not trying to get rich. I just want a job that allows me enough to live, nothing more. Get rich or die tryin’? More like “Get rent or die tryin’.”

4 thoughts on “And My Job Search Begins…

  1. Best of luck in the job hunt.

    Words of advice: don’t get discouraged if no one calls back until you’re out there.

    I had applied at over 100 places prior to moving to Boston and got nothing but “sorries” from people when I called.

    When I moved out here and was in town, I got three interviews in a week and two job offers the next week.

    Apparently most places don’t want to waste their time interviewing people who haven’t officially relocated.

  2. Are you registering with any head-hunter or staffing agencies? When I was looking for jobs before moving to the Twin Cities, I had a couple interviews with them. I had to take tests to prove I could proofread and use InDesign/Photoshop, and then I was put on file. I ended up getting a job at the Great Clips corporate office before getting all the way to the final interview with one of the agencies, but still. Their process usually takes awhile, so since you have time it might be beneficial to you. Good luck!!

    • The one thing we don’t get from an English degree is the ability to network. I find myself leaning toward a communications-based job, though. The ability to craft a sentence is apparently in high demand, which is pretty sad.

      • You’d be amazed.

        When I started doing temp-work here the big “test” they gave us involved using MS Word and Excel and then a bunch of basic grammar and writing tests.

        At the end they said I was in the highest percentage of test-takers. Apparently an MSU education is pretty solid out in the “real-world.”

        That or the real-world is borderline retarded…one or the other.

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