UNC Narrowly Wins NCAA Title Game by 17


Six months and one epic snorefest later, the North Carolina Tar Heels are NCAA national champions. The season ended like it started, and while they couldn’t spend the whole season on top, I don’t think anyone was surprised how things ended.

I predicted UNC 84, Michigan State 67. It was 89-72, but I called the winning margin. Take that, Vegas!

I put Tyler Hansbrough on 18 points and 15 boards. He finished with 18 points and 7 rebounds. (I didn’t help UNC seemed to make everything in the first half.)

Danny Green didn’t live up to the 25 points (5 3-pointers) I predicted because I got into foul trouble. That’s a push, right?

Two things:

  1. There were so many great things to be said about this game going in, but it really got old hearing CBS trying to work in the failing-Michigan-economy connection, as if an MSU win would resolve unemployment issues. It was just a basketball game. The state of Michigan is no better or worse for the loss.
  2. I heard some talk about this year’s UNC squad possibly being “the last great college basketball team.” True, Ty Lawson, Green and Hansbrough ducked the NBA draft to come back for another season. But there was no way another season would hurt any of those players. Lawson’s stock probably went up (8 steals!!!), Green’s stayed at early-second round and Hansbrough remains the biggest questions mark out there. There will be another great team, and sooner than most think. Look out for Xavier next season.

That’s it for the college basketball season. In other news, the Twins lost 6-1 tonight. That’s where I’ll be placing most of my blogging focus now.

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