R.I.P. BlackBerry 8700


This is my phone.

Or, it was my phone. The above-pictured BlackBerry 7900c wasn’t the flashiest of smartphones — no camera, no touch-screen, no music player. I got it last March mainly for the QWERTY keyboard because T9 nearly gave me seizures.

Two days ago, I started experience what’s called “the white screen of death.” Highly original name, right? First, “the blue screen of death” with Windows-based computers, then “the red ring of death” for the XBOX 360. This is BlackBerry’s take.

My one-year warranty dried up — you guessed it — two days ago. So, rather than contact the braintrust at T-Mobile and get roped into a two-year extension, I’m going to saarch for a new phone on eBay.

Has anyone else ever experienced “the white screen of death”? Did you find any solutions?

One thought on “R.I.P. BlackBerry 8700

  1. thats what has happened to my blackberry curve:( and i cant get rid of the white screen, even when i restart it or turn it on and off!

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