The Boston Knee Party, and No One is Celebrating

19073985-kneeNews that Kevin Garnett may not be available to help the Boston Celtics with a playoff run is only the latest in a series of knee-related injuries that have brought Boston-area pro sports franchises back to planet earth.

It seemed for a while there like the Boston teams couldn’t lose. Between the New England Patriots (2001, 2003, 2004), the Boston Red Sox (2004, 2007) and the Celtics (2007-2008), there have been six world sports titles from Boston franchises. That’s an ungodly amount of success no single region should experience. There’s a generation of young Bostonian sports fans who have been completely misled by their local idols to believe winning is easy.

So, Garnett is out and the Celtics season is in peril. Sound familiar? It was a knee injury that sidelined Tom Brady all of 2008. (Of course, Matt Cassel stepped right in and played well, but he’s long gone along with Scott Pioli. Both have healthy knees, by the way.) The Boston Red Sox lost to the Tampa Bay Rays in seven games in the 2008 American League Championships Series, where David Ortiz — playing with a still-injured knee — batted just .154.

What’s my thesis? Perhaps that epic Boston run where each season seemed to bring a new title has finally been cut down. At the knees.

One thought on “The Boston Knee Party, and No One is Celebrating

  1. Nice…very nice.

    It is insane how all of the young folks out here (spoken as if I’m a wise-old sage) seem to think that Boston sports are all about winning and nothing else. It’s actually quite ridiculous.

    They’ve become like New York Light or Diet New York in that I can barely stand the fans of most teams out here. Too entitled.

    Nice write-up!!

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