I’ll Stick to Coffee, Thanks

Just had my first pot of the day. coffeeaddiction

This Dunkin’ Donuts stuff they’re selling in grocery stores now? Amazing. I’ve down one pot already. I used to be a Starbucks loyalist, but I see now what people mean when they say their coffee has a burnt taste. This Dunkin’ Donuts brew is smooth. You could serve it to a baby.

I’m going to go with the laundry list today since I’ve fallen behind on my blogging:

  • Leave poor Susan Boyle alone, dammit. Where is it written that homely women can’t sing?
  • My Orlando Magic squandered an 18-point second-half lead at home in losing to the Philadelphia 76ers in game one of a seven-game playoff series. Two observations: No lead is safe in the NBA. Also, home-court advantage is the most overhyped variable in pro sports. (Unless you’re the Cleveland Cavaliers.)
  • Asher Roth’s debut album “Asleep in the Bread Aisle” is out today. (The 4/20 release date is no coincidence.) I downloaded the leak and it’s one of the more impressive hip-hop albums I’ve heard lately. He’s a great new voice. It’s too bad he was probably forced to release “I Love College” as the lead single. It’s not representative of the rest of the album. Check this out.
  • I watched “My Best Friend’s Girl” last night. Don’t make the same mistake. There was a time where my friends and I spoke strictly in recycled Dane Cook quotes. It really is true that great comedians never get old: Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Don Rickles, Lewis Black. Dane Cook is not a great comedian.
  • I really need someone else to see this — Vijay Singh making a nice ace in the Par 3 Challenge at the Masters:

3 thoughts on “I’ll Stick to Coffee, Thanks

  1. Yes Andrew…you had really gotten behind on your blogging but it is nice to see that you just pick it back up and I am smiling again!!
    -haven’t tried the Dunkin Donuts coffee yet…
    -I think Susan Boyle is adorable and agree with you 100%
    -saw the ace by Vijay Singh in the Masters
    -the rest I didn’t understand…oh well…I’m still smiling!!!

  2. Amen to Susan Boyle and Asher Roth.
    Television fucks everything up when it comes to music. I think people forget how to listen with their ears cuz they’re so used to judging with their eyes.

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