In Defense of Miss USA California

Miss USA California Carrie Prejean and I do not agree on the topic of gay marriage. But then, I don’t agree with how her answer to whether or not she supports gay marriage is being ripped to shreds. Perhaps I’m among the minority, but I don’t look to beauty pageant contestants for someone with whom I can align my belief system. The Q&A session in beauty pageants is a lose-lose situation, no matter what. Either you’re going to hear a terrible response that makes no sense or the typical, “I want to end world hunger and all wars” cliche.

It shouldn’t even be called a Q&A round because contestants are only offering opinions. Is gay marriage right or wrong? Is abortion right or wrong? Is the War in Iraq right or wrong? There are no answers for these questions — only opinions.

I support gay marriage in every state, but I don’t support the vile response Prejean has received for stating her opinion, openly and honestly. Ironic that this was a Miss USA pageant, yet the Right to Free Speech was seemingly absent.

4 thoughts on “In Defense of Miss USA California

  1. Wow, she was actually pretty diplomatic and composed (and almost articulate, more than most of us, anyway) under pressure, and was careful to state that her opinion was, after all, only an opinion.

    Any anger in this situation is misdirected. People can disagree with her, but she was very diplomatic with an unpopular opinion. And props for her honesty.

  2. I completely agree with you on this one.

    To be perfectly honest, I didn’t even know they were still doing the whole beauty pageant thing until this chick started getting ripped to shreds for giving an opinion…when she was asked for an opinion.

    I may not agree with her, but it was still an opinion. She’s sure as hell not making any laws and isn’t (or shouldn’t be) having an impact on the way the rest of society feels about the issue.

    I guess I fail to see what she did wrong here.

  3. I’m very much with you Mr Miller. I definately gave a face crunch and let out a shriek when I heard Miss California state her opinion, especially because the question was asked by Mr Gay USA. But why would they ever ask such a question. Do the judges honestly believe that they girls are credible enough on any information to answer such questions?

  4. I’m with you on the lose-lose situation of asking questions associated with hot button issues. Seriously, what’s the point in this type of forum? It’s not like Miss America will be able to change legislation. Even though I disagree with Miss CA’s response, it seemed a trap question.

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