The Best Albino Muslim Rapper Ever

So, it was a sober crowd and a lot of Abercrombie-wearing white kids, but Brother Ali came and rocked Minnesota State University tonight Mankato, MN. He’s definitely a throwback to classic MCs. Ali is on the road in promotion of his new EP, The Truth is Here, released on Minneapolis-based Rhymesayers Entertainment.

I recorded a couple clips from the show. Unfortunately, my battery died by the time he got to his a-cappellas, but here’s what I got:

I only stayed for about eight songs. I’m on a month-long detox, abstaining from alcohol and pop. Needless to say, without a few beers or even a few Rock Stars, it was hard to get in the concernt-going mood. Not to mention I spotted about six of my students with whom I teach 8 a.m. class tomorrow. Last thing I need are my students mocking my terrible dance moves.

One thought on “The Best Albino Muslim Rapper Ever

  1. Is that why you didn’t do your booty dance? If I had been a little more liquored up, I would have done my white kid dance for all the world (including my students) to see. Heck, maybe I’ll just do my white kid dance in class tomorrow. Feed me coffee and watch me go.

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