Hydroxycut Recalled Despite Amazing Results

imagephpFrom January 2006 to April 2006, I took two Hydroxycut capsules prior to every workout. My workout usually consisted of half-a-dozen pick-up basketball games, but the cardiovascular workout paired with Hydroxycut’s thermogenic science caused me to lose 25 pounds in that time period.

The only side effects were minor. I felt the need to pee a lot. We’re talking middle-of-the-night, old-man-with-overactive-bladder urges. It wasn’t fun. Also, I would pour sweat with any physical activity. Get off the couch? I would sweat. Roll over in bed? Drenched. The use of “burn” — as in “burn calories” — was quite literal.

The FDA issued a massive recall of Hydroxycut products today over growing concern and evidence the supplement harms the liver. There has reportedly been one death caused by liver failure related to ingestion of Hydroxycut.

Throw Hydroxycut in with ephedra and fen-phen as proof diet drugs might work, but they aren’t always 100% safe.

Which sucks.

One thought on “Hydroxycut Recalled Despite Amazing Results

  1. This is why I stick with the old tried and true methods of weight-loss…vomitting and more vomitting.

    Yeah, that’s where it’s at…

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