Can You Blame NBA Conspiracy Theorists?

This Kobe/LeBron thing is getting a little out of control. I know everyone — the NBA included — wants to see The King and Black Mamba square off in the NBA Finals. But let’s hold off for a few weeks and let these conference finals play out.

I should probably stop to announce my bias: I’m an Orlando Magic fan. Regardless, I would agree with Magic center Dwight Howard who expressed frustration with the league’s almost transparent favoritism. David Stern & Co. should embrace all of the popular outcomes. Even though L.A. and Cleveland would draw a greater audience, supestars like Howard or Carmelo Anthony hardly make pushovers.

There are plenty of tantalizing match-ups that could be featured in the NBA Finals: James vs. Anthony in a Class of 2003 reunion; the feisty Nuggets defense against Orlando’s inside-out offense; the Skyscraper Series which would feature 6 starters between the Magic and Lakers listed at 6-10 or taller.

These have been the best NBA playoffs I can remember. That’s taking into account the quality of teams, players, coaches and last-minute heroics. Not to mention the aggressive play which some have compared to the late 1980s where the Bad Boy Detroit Pistons fought their way to repeat titles. There’s been plenty of blood thus far, which should speak to all of those basketball fans who complain about the NBA’s passive defense.

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