The Celebritization of Michelle Obama

There is a significant downside to having the media absolutely enamored with First Lady Michelle Obama. While she makes former First Lady Laura Bush seem anonymous in retrospect, Michelle has been getting intense coverage for all the wrong reasons. It’s not her fault, either.

Take a look at this morning’s leading headline from the Matt Drudge’s conservative news blog,

Picture 5

So, it’s not the First Lady’s work with education or sustainable living the media is concerned about, but rather what she’s wearing? She might be the first political figure in U.S. history consistently asked by the media, “Who are you wearing?”

Let’s not undermine the importance of the First Lady by trying to make her Jackie 2.0. We shouldn’t have to see her mug run alongside the Lindsays and Angelinas and Beyonces as if she were among the celebrities de jour. This is a woman in a position of leadership with the opportunity to send a message of change — politically, not aesthetically.

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