The I-90 Updates Are Coming

OregonAfter an extended hiatus from blogging, I’m back. Finally, topic matter! Beth and I will set off for Portland tomorrow morning at 6 a.m. CST and arrive at our apartment around 7 p.m. PST on Friday. Along the way, I plan on tweeting the experience because a) It’s not the most scenic trip ever and b) When you are packed into a Ford Fusion with literally all of your belongings, you start to feel claustrophic. I’m hoping blogging/tweeting is the cure.

Follow my Twitter the next couple days – and into the future – at andrewtmiller14.

I seriously plan on getting back into the everyday grind with my blog. I want to detail the experience of moving from one vastly different region/city to another. I’m hoping to write about the culture, the people, the politics – everything Portland. This blog may also turn into a Guide for Young Adults Moving Halfway Across the Country. So be it. Whatever. Anything goes.

Before I take off tomorrow, I’m going to the Great Plains Zoo today with my parents and Beth. Hoping to hang with some goats and penguins and maybe taunt a lion or two. The thing about the zoo is once you get past the smell of elephant poo and the sight of people shoveling it, you’re a little in awe of how many wild animals are held captive squat in the middle of a Midwestern city. It’s mind-boggling. It makes me wish for a Jumanji-like scenario where all the creatures break loose and terrorize the streets of Sioux Falls.

I digress.

Follow ma’ tweets. I’ve got the Twitterrific app on my iPhone now so it might get to be an onslaught. John Mayer’s got nothing on me.

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