A Clean Well-Lighted Place

I’ve been limited to my iPhone since moving to Portland, but when I get Internet set up and my bags unpacked, I feel like I’m going to have plenty to write about. So far, Portland has been inspiring to say the least.

Much of our apartment is consumed by still-packed bags and the remains of Ikea boxes. The goal was to make this place feel like “home” as soon as possible. Our efforts have been stalled by ungodly heat and lack of air-conditioning.

Here is what I am happy to report: As a writer, you’re always looking for a great space to right. For some, it’s a coffee shop or a little street cafe. I prefer writing in private, though. As it turns out, the corners of our bedroom is free and all I can think about is finding the right desk upon which I might write – God forbid – something of substance.

The biggest indicator moving was the best thing for me is that I’m back to thinking about writing when I’m not doing it. I see people downtown and think about how I would describe their appearance and mannerisms. I’m back to observational humor and I keep thinking up comic routines that could translate to paper. Portland is nothing if not am environment that fosters creativity. That’s perfect coming from a place where anything weird or different is considered risqué.

I wish I had my laptop but bundling ideas might be the best thing for now. I plan on including more pics and video in future posts. There’s a lot to share here.

I just want to say it feels so good being lost in a new city, surrounded by weird people with wild ideas.

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