Quasi-Poverty and the Latest from Portland

Looks like Internet and TV will have to be put on hold, but in the meantime, Beth and I found a little library about a mile north of our apartment that offers free wiresless Internet. Sure, plenty of nearby coffee shops offer the same, but it’s not in my good Midwestern values to nurse a small coffee for a few hours while hogging bandwidth. I’m cool with making this little bike ride, at least for now.

I know I shouldn’t be putting all of my eggs in one basket — pardon the pronoun — but I’m feeling very positive about a job at I—–T—-. Two weeks ago, I interviewed by phone for a Success Coach position. In short, the job would require mentoring 70-80 first-year college students by phone, helping them in their early college pursuits. The job embodies much of what I liked about teaching. In fact, I found it harder not taking a personal interest in my students’ lives. What this job allows — I think — is the chance to work with students subjectively rather than objectively. I found it nearly impossible to hear some of my students’ personal issues and not factor them when grading. Luckily, there’s no grading with this position. Fingers crossed for the second interview on Tuesday.

I’ve done my best to drain my savings this past week, making some unnecessary purchases that probably could’ve waited. (I defend purchasing a $400 IKEA couch to the death, however.) Since I don’t have a job guaranteed, I’ve put myself on a bit if a spending freeze. I’m finding poverty is a cheap weight-loss program. Coffee in the morning, a few turkey sandwiches for meals — if I need anything right now (aside from a job), it’s a belt.

We’ve got a lot of great pictures and videos from the past week and I’ll post them as soon as I get the initiative to drag all the hardware down to the library. A lot of kids roaming around here right now and I fear it might create a safety hazard. Enjoy the tweets. That’s the most efficient bloggeration I got going right now.

3 thoughts on “Quasi-Poverty and the Latest from Portland

    • Randy, I’m working with Vigilance, which is just one of the basic WordPress layouts. For my header, I just threw some type on top of a stock image in Photoshop. Nothing too over the top. After all, I’m a writer, not a web designer. Glad you like it, though.

  1. ah yes…the toughest part about moving is that urge to get all the important necessities to make a place feel like “home”

    we lived off an air-mattress for about six months before breaking down and getting a real bed

    the dollar stores were huge for us as well as goodwill

    goodwill hooked us up with a tv and microwave which were both dirty-dirt cheap life-savers

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