Boom Boom Powell’s

Today’s adventure was highlighted by a trip to Powell’s Books in the Pearl District. Powell’s most notably boasts it’s the largest independent bookstore in the U.S. In terms of square footage, it probably is.

Of course, occupying a ridiculously large building is one thing. Powell’s has the right to come off cocksure, however, because if this afternoon was any indicator, they sell A LOT of books. For all the disenchanted, disenfranchised and discouraged writers out there, keep dipping your quills, because I learned today that people are still buying books an not just those that feature angsty teenage vampires and pubescent wizards.

One thought on “Boom Boom Powell’s

  1. Powell’s was easily one of my favorite things about Portland.

    We were there for like five days and I think we spent nearly two full days in there.

    There is a great bar up the road from there, near some store called the “Buffalo Exchange” or something.

    Best cheap bar eats ever and a helluva beer selection.

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