One Month in the Books

No news is good news? No, no news is incredibly frustrating. Beth and I just made it past our first full month as Oregonians/Portlanders, and while she just started her second job, I am still waiting to get my first.

I had another interview yesterday with I—–T—- Inc., which was very promising. The only downside is I am being considered for an October starting date. Meanwhile, I should hear back on the Edelman internship before the weekend. Either way, I find myself watching my phone a lot these days. Perhaps the most difficult thing about being so far from home, family and friends is realizing how often those relationships are resources. Still, I sense it will feel much more rewarding out here getting a job on my own merits.

I’ve continued to consume books and TV shows at a record pace. I just finished Malcom Gladwell’s Blink, a book that weighs the advantages and disadvantages of making snap decisions. The book was illuminating in that I’d never really thought about unconscious decisionmaking, but I expected it to propose more of an idealogical shift. (ex. “Start thinking like this!”) It was really more of an overview of several case studies. Still, it was a worthwhile read. Next up is Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road.”

Beth and I also started watching Showtime’s “Dexter,” which somehow snuck by us the past few years. I had heard of the show and vaguely understood the premise, but never gave it a chance. Shame on me. We also just started NBC’s “30 Rock” and HBO’s “The Wire.” It’s really a better experience waiting for seasons to come out on DVD. No one likes waiting a week between episodes.

What else can I say? We are happy. The city life has been good thus far, and when we both have jobs and money, we’ll certainly be able to get out and experience more. Beth’s roommate from freshman year, Nellie, was actually in town with her mother over the weekend, en route to Eugene for a job interview. Nellie loved Portland, while we just enjoyed seeing a familiar face. It really got me excited for any and all visitors. Portland happens to be one of the most out-of-the-way cities in the continental US, but should anyone ever just be “in the neighborhood,” we would love to see them. Of course, we are also willing to accomodate those who make the trip!

2 thoughts on “One Month in the Books

  1. A few items… first of all, good luck on the job search. Second, if I ever find myself in possession of enough money to visit Portland, I will visit. Third, I just saw the preview for The Road and I am super-excited for the movie!! Let me know how the book is?

  2. Congrats on the first month!!

    Keep the blogs coming. Unemployment may suck, but it also provides you the freedom to do all the writing you’ll never have time for once you are hunkered down from 9-to-5.

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