Don’t Call It a Comeback!

If I had made reviving The Miller Times a New Year’s Resolution and began posting again on January 1, there’s a good chance my new-found gusto would be gone by now. Luckily, my decision to resuscitate this blog stems from something far more honorable.

My uncle Mark has long been regarded the family comedian. I was hoping to take the role of family writer, but he’s got a really good thing going over at his blog, Ninth and Pratt. (That’s right — he’s funny and talented.) Mark’s blog focuses on his family life. It’s sometimes nostalgic, never sentimental (in the way that makes college literature professors wince) and thrives on his ability to deconstruct and observe the humor in day-to-day minutiae.

Mark’s been plugging away at his blog for over a year now. I think I’ve started three or four in the same window. My other blogs were created with ulterior motives — to make money, advance my career, gain exposure, etc. None of those things lead one to produce honest, genuine content. Listen to me — using the word “content.” That just sounds soulless.

I want to tell stories. I want to write rants. I want to observe the minutiae as Mark does. That’s a large part of my personality off the page anyway. Writing what I observe got me through over 400 commenatires for my college newspaper, and I can honestly say that’s when I was happiest as a writer.

This blog is 100% me, but it’s also you. I want to know who you are, what you like, what you want to read about. I strongly encourage you (but I’ll stop short of threatening you) to leave comments or contact me by e-mail or Twitter if you’ve got ideas or if you want to write something. This is my blog, but I want to open the door to anyone. I want to give you a reason to visit every day.

Thank you for visiting. Keep me honest this year. Don’t let me give up on this blog. Take part in The Miller Times community. Make a blogger’s day.

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