Rebelling Against My Eating Routine

I eat the same thing every day. Every day. But today, I’m shaking it up. I’m taking a chance. I’m shucking my own system. If it’s true that you are what you eat, I’m reinventing myself today. See, the past month or so, I’ve been eating…

Breakfast: Two-egg omelette with one slice of cheese; apple cinnamon oatmeal with 1/2 cup milk.

Snack: A fist full of raw almonds.

Lunch: A tuna melt with slice of cheese on whole grain bread; cup of lowfat vanilla yogurt with low fat apple cinnamon granola.

Snack: Powerbar

Dinner: Lean Cuisine chicken ranch club flatbread sandwich.

Today, I plan on swapping my snacks. I’m going to try that Powerbar in the morning, raw almonds in the afternoon. This could be a decision that changes my life on a really, really small scale.

And frankly, I’m growing tired of the tuna melt. I’ve eaten a tuna melt at work every day for a month. I’m eating a Lean Cuisine check, spinach and ranch club sandwich because I answer to no one and I’m my own man. I’m ballsy enough to make these changes. And I just made this choice this morning. I’m a loose cannon.

I’ll report back on how this new dietary approach goes. Operation: Shrinkmygut has been a success thus far. And, I’m happy to report I’m winning the War on Pop. (Clean for 13 days, not counting a Diet Coke the other night at P.F. Chang’s.)

I’m hoping these changes have an even greater impact on me meeting my personal goals.

4 thoughts on “Rebelling Against My Eating Routine

  1. Fantastic graphic choice…

    Also, good work on cutting the pop. You remember, I used to kick back a 2L of Mountain Dew everyday – last year I told myself I’d cut back, so I switched it up to DIET Mt. Dew……..but I’m still drinking a 2L almost everyday. Haha.

  2. Leaving your disturbingly monotonous diet alone for a minute, what do you have against almonds? I picture you taking out your finest serving bowl, pouring in a generous amount of almonds, then going into straight up UFC mode, slugging the almonds until an acceptable amount of nuts are ingrained into your knuckles.

    That’s what a fistful of knuckles is, right?

    I have been trying to cut back on soda for a while, too. There are just so many places that don’t really have anything else to drink and I feel like an ass asking for a cup for water sometimes.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Tom – I’m still rewarding myself with a Sugar Free Rock Star from time to time. Restaurants are the worst. You can see steam come out of a waitresses ears when you ask for water. It’s so shameful.

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