An All-American Idiot

I probably don't have to do much to convince you Don "Moose" Lewis is a racist idiot.

Some people and ideas are so stupid, they require no further comment. From the New York Daily News:

Ironic name, huh? The All-American Basketball League. You know your concept of “All-American” has is inaccurate when even the president would be ruled ineligible. (Too bad for the AABL, too. Barack’s got a nice jumper.)
Don “Moose” Lewis, the braintrust behind this heeping pile of racism, so eloquently said:
 “There’s nothing hatred about what we’re doing. I don’t hate anyone of color. But people of white, American-born citizens are in the minority now. Here’s a league for white players to play fundamental basketball, which they like.”
In one answer, Lewis manages to use a noun as an adjective; use the phrase “of color”; fabricate facts about the U.S. population and claims white people prefer fundamental basketball. The guile! Have you seen a street ball game on ESPN?! So many white kids in the crowd, you’d think it was a Boy Scouts convention! There’s a reason no one
It’s the anniversary of President Barack Obama’s inauguration and just a few days after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I’m tempted to make some sweeping statement like, “Is this where we stand as a country?” Forget that rhetoric. This bonehead should catch flak from all angles. Not one city below the Mason-Dixon Line would entertain hosting one of his teams.

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