The Vikings Will Beat the Saints

My buddy Joel called a no-hitter last summer. Before Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Mark Buerhle ever threw a pitch, Joel made the call and thrust himself into sports prediction mythology. Among my friends, anyway.

I’m on edge this week about my Minnesota Vikings as they play the New Orleans Saints Sunday with a Super Bowl bid on the line. Win and their in. I’m not making any guesses as to how things will go, but when I got the above text message from Joel, I felt a lot better.

It came to him. Clearly, this is destiny. This is very, very good news for the Vikings.

I didn’t want sports to be featured much on this blog, but Vikings football (and their epic failures) have been a bigger part of my life than I would like to admit. The outcome of Sunday’s game will dictate the tone of that post. Be warned.

One thought on “The Vikings Will Beat the Saints

  1. I love how men cannot figure out the simplest things like “If I leave the toilet seat up, I’m going to piss my girlfriend off” but they have visions on sports scores. I hope Joel is right.

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