In a Saturday Malaise

It’s been a busy Saturday, thus far. Follow-up appointment at the optometrist. Shoe shopping at Nike. Asking fools at the Apple Store why my iPod Shuffle’s all jacked up. Now, it’s laundry. Tonight, it’s dancing.

Funny dialogue of the day, speaking with my dad on the phone:

Me: Yeah, I just picked up some new shoes at Nike.

Dad: I hope you didn’t pay for the ones you were blogging about.

Me: Oh, definitely not. And I have to go to the Apple Store to see what’s wrong with my iPod Shuffle. It’s been—

Dad: “…Yeah, I read about that on the blog.”

Me: “I guess I don’t have anything else to say.”

So, that’s the one downside of blogging every day. Everyone who reads it has the full-length DVD of my life. I have to rely on the deleted scenes when I’m talking to my parents. You could say I’m working on bonus footage today.

That’s where the dancing comes in.

So, yeah, no full post today, but can I recommend something? Aziz Ansari’s new comedy album, Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening. You might know him as “Tom” from NBC’s Parks & Rec. This guy’s got to be considered the funniest comedian of 2010. Unlike Dane Cook when he broke out a couple years ago, you get the feeling Ansari isn’t nearly as self-aware. He assumes the role of Everyman. He does it well.

Have a great rest of your Saturday, fools. I got something cooking for tomorrow that involves Malcolm Gladwell, screaming and intense guilt.

2 thoughts on “In a Saturday Malaise

  1. Andrew-
    the shoes-would you really have kept them around this long? You didn’t say in the blog but did they disappear like the famous stocking hat with the bill? John always reminisces about his black high top Converse tennis shoes…
    dancing-Andrew, I am impressed! The last wedding dance that we were at together(2 summers ago), I thought you said that you really didn’t like to dance…I am glad that you have changed your mind. Enjoy and have fun…I bet Boo is excited!!

  2. I met Aziz Ansari and saw him do a short routine at a National Association for Campus Activities convention a few years back when I was with IMPACT. He was pretty funny then and even better now. I definitely prefer him to Dane Cook.

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