3 thoughts on “Hello, Destiny

  1. I don’t know how confident I am with the 42-43-44 back-to-back-to-back combo.

    Although my numbers aren’t any better: 23-24-29-57-59 PB:27

    Since Powerball is new out here, it took the dude like ten minutes to figure out how to even get the machine to print me a Powerball ticket, although he did also mistake my request for a “Powerball” as request for a “Pall Mall.”

    It created plenty of confusion when he asked whether I wanted the “red or blue box” and I replied, “I just want some numbers, dude…”

  2. That just looks fake. I don’t know that I trust anything that doesn’t have a loon on it…

    (although the “fingers crossed” motif is mildly amusing)

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