My Shameless Mug Plug for Uncle Mark

Mark is aware of my rampant Twitter usage. I'm not so sure he approves.

My uncle, Mark, is a marketing genius. He’s got a sweet promotion going on over at his blog, Ninth and Pratt. You can win won of these classy coffee mugs, signed and sent by Mark, just for referring a few folks to his blog.

I’m promising a share of tonight’s $115M Powerball jackpot for TMT visitors who commented a few posts ago. I hate to be the one to say, but we’re probably not going to win. Mark’s blog, on the other hand, is offering a very real, very redeemable coffee mug. (You’ll find the details there.)

Why do we do these things? To drive traffic, but what that really means is widening our audience and gaining a better understanding of just who we are writing for. Both of our blogs are non-profit. We simply want to reach as many people as we can, because as writers, that’s a thrill. Because of this, we’re willing to give away dishware or a fraction of  $115 million.

Now, go get your mug, which is great for sipping on coffee whilst reading The Miller Times and Ninth and Pratt.

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