Weekend Soundtrack: The Heavy

It took a Cadillac commercial for me to discover hipster favorites Phoenix and their catchy single “1901.”

It took another car commercial — this one, for the Kia Sorento — to discover The Heavy.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I like to go through the top 200 albums on iTunes every Saturday. If there’s a band I haven’t heard of, I give them a listen. I clicked through a few songs from The Heavy’s album, The House That Dirt Built, and then I recognized this single from the Kia commercial.

I don’t get caught up in that fuss about “selling out.” Bottom line is their album is really, really cool. It’s a lot of dirty, funky, bluesy noisy rock that acts like kerosene poured on bad intentions. Makes me want to be a part of a heist or something.

Check them out. You won’t be disappointed.

Pass on the Sorento, though.

One thought on “Weekend Soundtrack: The Heavy

  1. I discover songs after seeing them on commercials too, except for 1901.. i was aware for awhile.

    Passion pit’s “sleepyhead” on the palm pixi commercial

    Empire of the Sun’s “We are the People” on a vizio commercial

    More recently Chemical Brothers’ “Dream on” on some movie commercial with that twilight guy.

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