And the Autographed Triscuits Go To…

Proof of the winners. And no, I don't know how to use Photoshop.

OK, I used a perfectly random method to decide the five recipients of autographed boxes of Triscuits. I opened The Miller Times fan page on Facebook at roughly 7 a.m. PST and these were the names that showed up in the Friends view:

  • Kellie Bigham
  • Kirsten Masker
  • Molly Kaul Hughson
  • Aaron Zaske
  • Ashley Millette
  • Tonya Hansen

(BOLD indicates winners who’ve already responded with address.)

But that’s SIX names, Andrew.

Thank you, self.

Here’s the rub: Six names have been selected, but only five can win. So, the first five of you lucky S.O.B.’s who wants a Hancock’d box of crackers needs to send me your address either by Facebook message (to The Miller Times fan page) or <a href=””>e-mail me!</a>. Whoever gets left out receives a life of shame and disgrace, and probably exclusion from future family holidays.

A big-ass THANK YOU to everyone who’s suggested the fan page to Facebook friends or just mentioned the blog to friends in real life. Thanks to Jeff and Henry of Sports XTRA on SportsRadio 560 WNSR — Nashville’s local sports leader! Thanks to everyone who comments if only because “0 Comments” can make a post look pathetic and nobody wants that.

There will be more giveaways in the future, so keep coming back. In fact, expect a TMT March Madness group coming soon. And if you’ve got any blog suggestions — “Andrew, who’s hair would win in a fight: Don King’s or Rev. Al Sharpton’s?” — send’em this way. When I came back to this blog, I only intended to write a few posts per week. It’s become a pretty much daily thing now. I cannot have enough ideas lined up for this blog, so don’t be shy.

9 thoughts on “And the Autographed Triscuits Go To…

  1. I am calling box #1 because I am pretty confident Kellie isn’t going to respond.

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