Maybe Being Sick Isn’t So Bad

So, I’ve been fighting off a wicked cold this week. Been hitting it with the one-two combo of Vicks VapoRub and plenty of orange juice. I’ve heard of this thing called a Neti Pot that’s apparently big with the English folk. Essentially, you flood your sinuses with warm liquid and hope it dislodges all the mucus built up. Sexy, I know.

After watching the video above, I’m cool with sticking to Kleenex. I’ve done some crazy shit in my time. I’ve been tasered voluntarily. I’ve eaten gluesticks and coffee grounds for money. I lived with three girls for a year of college. Still, I’ve got limits. No way I’m putting whiskey in my face unless it’s going down the hatch. So, kudos, you crazy S.O.B. in the video above. You’ve made my congestion seem somewhat pleasant by comparison.

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