Pimp Your Fridays — A User’s Guide

If you pimp your Fridays, it's perfectly reasonable to drink your cappuccino from a fly-ass chalice at work. But only on Fridays.

As a working man, I take my approach to Friday’s like John F. Kennedy — I ask not what my Fridays can do for me, I ask what I can do for my Fridays.

No matter how much you love your job, the work week is as long as the weekend is short. I use the same mindset college students use with Thursday – close enough to the weekend, might as well get things started a little early. That’s not to say I’m starting my Fridays with a vodka/Rock Star, but I do still pimp my Fridays.

That’s what I’ve been calling this little game now for three months: Pimp My Fridays. PMF. (OK, just Pimp My Fridays.) Essentially, it’s a day of indulgence to restore my morale, vigor and sanity. I love my job. I love my co-workers. I’ve never not wanted to come to work. But still, I pimp my Fridays and my pimp hand is strong. Here’s how it goes:

CASUAL FRIDAY, MAKE MINE A DOUBLE – My workplace has a generally lax dress code anyway, so casual Friday is hardly a drastic change. That said, where some of my co-workers interpret casual as a tucked-in polo instead of the tucked-in button-up, I break out my comfiest, most worn jeans and find an accommodating hooded sweatshirt. Not to mention, I go from casual loafers to my jankiest Adidas sneakers. So basically, I go back to dressing like a college kid.

LOSE THE FOOD, DUDE – I brown bag it on most days. That’s just being economical right there. But on Fridays, I’m a loose cannon at lunchtime. I might go to Subway. I might hit the food carts. Watch yourself — I might hit Buffalo Wild Wings. I keep my options open and my brown bag at home.

TAKE THE EASY ROAD – Back when I thought walking was exercise, I would hike it halfway to work before hopping on the MAX. This isn’t the indulgence it used to be, but now I just walk to the MAX stop closest to my apartment. The idea is I can leave my apartment 10 minutes later and get to work at the normal time with less effort. Pimping your Fridays means finding lazi-, er, more efficient ways of getting around.

UPGRADE EVERYTHING – (NOTE: I’d never heard anyone call Starbucks “Starby’s” until last week. I think it was Dax Shepard on Twitter, which makes the reference lamer. Let it go.) Every other day of the week, I’m good for a venti Pike’s Place from Starby’s, but on Fridays, I look to more elite brews like lattes and cappuccinos. Yeah, I’m dropping $5 for a layer of foam and sugar, but it breaks up the monotony of black coffee. I think it also enhances swagger a good 35%. Coffee may not be your thing, but the idea is to get away from the value menu and go big.

FANTASIZE, EARLY AND OFTEN – Roughly every co-worker will ask you, “Any big plans for the weekend?” I never have big plans, unless Saturday Night Live has an awesome host scheduled or 60 Minutes is running a feature on robotic butlers. The point is you get to have plans, even if they include just you, your loveseat and a Cops marathon. Regardless, from morning on, I try to think about all of the awesome things I’m going to do, or all of the things that would be awesome to do but ultimately won’t be done because they cost too much and I’d rather scarf a Chipotle burrito at lunch today than properly budget for the weekend. It’s about dreaming, folks.

Add this recipe to your Friday. It will change your life, or maybe just your waistline. Regardless, it’s Friday, and you’ve earned the right to get things started just a little early. Follow my recipe for Friday pimperization and you can’t fail, baby.


4 thoughts on “Pimp Your Fridays — A User’s Guide

  1. Thanks for apologizing for calling your audience “baby.” As I sit in my cubicle, I fantisize about how the second I get off work, I’m going to ride my bike downtown, rain or shine, most likely rain, and drink free keg beer and watch improv. I’m free, baby!

  2. I am all about the Pimperization of Fridays.

    Friday = Dunkin’ Donuts instead of cereal
    Friday = Buying Lunch
    Friday = Ducking Out Earl for Beers
    Friday = 45% Max Effort for the Day

    Friday = Awesome

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