Ducking Out on the Oregon Ducks

I no longer support the Oregon Ducks, Jeremiah Masoli or his jersey, which is NOT mine. It was borrowed, thank you.

I’ve long been a Michigan Wolverines football fan, but last fall, I dabbled with the Oregon Ducks. My beloved Wolverines have gone through a rough patch the past few years, so when a friend invited my girlfriend and I down to Eugene to see Oregon play Arizona State, I damn near converted.

There’s a lot of reason to be a Ducks fan. Mine: I love the jerseys. I’m not alone here. A lot of guys do. The Ducks have roughly 3 million jersey combinations between varied helmets, tops, pants, socks and shoes, thanks to their proudest alum, Nike founder Phil Knight.

The Oregon Ducks have been more like Oregon’s Most Wanted this offseason. The most high-profile case includes quarterback Jeremiah Masoli, who was expected to be in the Heisman Trophy discussion next season. Masoli and teammate Garrett Embry were arrested for burglary after boosting from a frat house in January. The audio from the 911 call was recently released:

The good news is Masoli has been suspended for the 2010 season. There’s a good chance Masoli will leave Oregon in the meantime, making frat houses everywhere in Eugene just a little safer.

I think I’ll go back to my Wolverines now.

One thought on “Ducking Out on the Oregon Ducks

  1. I heard about that today. My question for Masoil: You’re a starting QB at a Big D-I and have Heisman becoming synonymous with your name. Why the heck would you be pulling a heist on frat beer bongs with all of that around you?

    And c’mon, you can’t tell me the University of Oregon isn’t “taking care of him”. He might not be getting taken care of like Bush was at USC, but still.

    He just went from most likely million-dollar first round baby in 2011 to most likely to hang onto the soap at a state penitentiary. Masoli just became the top contender for my Idiot of the Week Award.

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