Let the Blog Wars Begin

You thought Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr was a duel? That's nothing compared to Andrew Miller vs. Jeremiah Graves.

The TMT Tourney Challenge keeps getting bigger and better. And since I have so much faith in the foresight of my fans, I’ve thrown down the gauntlet-…the gauntlet has been thrown-…I threw the gauntlet at…?

I have challenged fellow blogger extraordinaire Jeremiah Graves and his fans to duel:

Greetings, good sir.

I’m writing to you on behalf of The Miller Times and its loyal readership. We at TMT admire your work at Blank Stares and Blank Pages. We, too, appreciate cheeseburgers, zombies and baseball. In many ways, our blogs are alike.

In the spirit of competition, we would like to propose a modest throwdown on the eve of March Madness. This afternoon, 65 teams college basketball teams were selected to play in the NCAA National Tournament. Collectively, our knowledge of college basketball is novice at best. Most of what we know (or pretend to know) is secondhand opinion from the pundits at ESPN and CBS. Regardless, we take great pleasure in filling out the brackets.

We can discuss possible prizes if and when the rules of this competition have been made. We hope you’re in.

The Miller Times and the Family

Graves sent this in response:

Good Evening TMT & Family-

We here at Blank Stares and Blank Pages accept your challenge, if for no better reason than a potential boost in new readership.

My knowledge of college basketball is what the kids refer to as “whack”…which I’m pretty sure implies that it is of low or dubious quality.

Either way, you can count me in, we here at BS&BP shall not back down from a challenge.

Game on,
BS&BP and my Faithful Readers

What we have here is an interblog battle of modest proportions. The way it will work is the winner of the TMT Tourney Challenge will compare his/her score with BS&BP March Madness Challenge. Graves and I have yet to agree on a prize, but at the very least, it involves the losing blogger do something humiliating.

I propose — right here, for the first time — the losing blogger post a 2-3 minute video on YouTube and their blog describing why the winning blogger’s blog and fans are so spectacular. This is to be done in the most sincere manner possible, too.

Game start on Thursday. Don’t delay. Fill out your brackets now!

3 thoughts on “Let the Blog Wars Begin

  1. I just have one question. (I know teachers have been telling me my whole life that there are no stupid questions, only stupid children, but I wonder.) Anyway, I keep seeing references to the 65 teams in the NCAA Tourney. Really? 65? I always thought it was 64, and I don’t see how the math would work with an odd number. But then, neither math nor sports have historically been strong suits for me. Anyway, that is the wonder I am wondering today.

    • Yeah, technically there’s a play-in game for one of the No. 16 seeds. It’s tricky math. You could say that 65th team that doesn’t win the play-in game isn’t technically a part of the tournament, but it’s all semantics.

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