The TMT Podcast Premieres Tomorrow

This is the standard podcast logo. It's not my logo. It's barely relevent to this post, but I hate blogs without art. So take a moment to admire this here logo. You're welcome.

As promised months ago, The Miller Times will be formatted for your earhole starting tomorrow. That’s right, I’m willing to compromise my Friday night so you’re not forced to squint as a computer screen at any point tomorrow.

I’m aiming for nothing beyond five minutes. I’d like the podcast to answer questions or follow up on comments left throughout the week from readers like you.  Between work and blogging, I suffer mild carpal tunnel syndrome, so here’s my chance to bloviate a little more without distressing my right pinkie. (That’s the one that hits the delete key.)

As of now, tomorrow’s premiere of the TMT Podcast – capital ‘P’ podcast, you’ll notice – has no script whatsoever. Thoughts? Ideas? Pleas to reconsider podcasting altogether?

4 thoughts on “The TMT Podcast Premieres Tomorrow

  1. I think the shorter the better. Five minutes is a good goal. Heavy mouth breathing is always a plus. As far as topics, I’d like to see things that aren’t easily expressed in written form used. I think it would be kind of cool to pick a comment of the week and talk more in-depth about it (might even generate more comments). Guest appearances would be awesome (here’s looking at you Beth*). You could even do questions of the week on any topic readers send in. The fact that you won’t know what question it is ahead of time coupled with the desire of readers to make you look like a fool could produce hilarious results (or censorship, but I’m willing to take that risk for you).

    * I apologize if this request gets you in trouble…

    • No apologies necessary, Mike. Kind of winged it on the first podcast. It’s an essay. However, I’m trying to find a way of getting it on the site. Never podcasted for WordPress before, so bear with me.

  2. I’m pretty new to the podcasts and smartphones…do you know if I’ll be able to download it onto my Droid and listen to it on the go? I’m ignorant when it comes to technology.

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