Submit Questions for Apple Fanatics!


 If you haven’t heard, Apple’s highly anticipated iPad will hit stores Saturday morning at 9 a.m. It’s the most hyped product from Apple since the iPhone, so you can expect a healthy line outside of every Apple Store in the country. I’ll be at the Apple Store at Pioneer Square Mall in Portland Friday night and Saturday morning. (No, I’m not getting one.)

My mission: Interview the biggest Apple fanatics who’ll be camping outside the mall to drop $500 on a device they’ve never seen or touched.

I need your help! What should I ask these Steve Jobsians?

4 thoughts on “Submit Questions for Apple Fanatics!

  1. Well, to cut right to the chase: how is this device going to change their game? Work or play, what specifically is this “revolutionary and magical” new toy going to enable them to do that they always wanted to do but never could?

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