It’s April, Fools

For a simple, harmless joke, I recommend dressing and acting like a co-worker on April Fools Day.

For a guy who hates campy, arbitrary holidays, you’d think April Fools Day would be high on my list of perfect topics to rant about.

Except I love April Fools Day. Why? Because I love elaborate pranks, though I’ve never really executed one myself. My girlfriend and I agreed to mess with our relationship status last night just to see who’d take the bait. Since turning my status to “single,” I’ve had several replies:

  • “beth was dragging you down”
  • “Good, she’s all mine now.”
  • “I guess I’ll be the first to say sorry about the change in status? Take care, buddy.”
  • “we are getting coffee first thing in the morning. deal? deal.”

Of course, one friend picked it up, but she went to law school. Only a couple friends took it hook, line and sinker. The reality is April Fools Day doesn’t necessarily catch the vulnerable, the oblivious and the gullible, but most commonly those who lose track of the date. It’s not like there’s any seasonal indicators or big build up for April 1. Out of nowhere, wacky shit starts happening, but it’s only a matter of time before you think Ooooooh. Dammit.

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, etc.) have opened up a million-and-one opportunities for viral April Fools campaigns. Now, you can go BIG. Clown a friend and catch it on video, you can broadcast it around the world. Get just one credible media source to retweet some made-up story and you’ve duped thousands. Facebook — well, that’s just too easy. You’re pregnant. You’re engaged. You’re single. There’s a lot of cruel directions you can go. But today, that’s OK.

April Fools Day is good for national morale. Anything that breaks up the monotony of day-to-day life with a little humor is fine by me.

What say you? Have you been duped yet today? Duped anyone else? What’s the greatest April Fool Day rip you’ve ever witnessed?

The Huffington Post is updating a best-of list all day here.

Happy pranking!

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