Need a New URL — Help a Guy Out

I feel it’s time I drop the “” from my blog’s URL. This is one of those whorish branding/marketing decisions I get a little freaked out by, but it’s probably necessary for the future of The Miller Times.

On Monday, I’m going to be appearing on WNSR 560AM Nashville SportsRadio to discuss high school basketball recruiting with Henry Nichols and Jeff Thurn, who host Sports Xtra. Rather than force these poor lads to say, “Visit Andrew’s blog at,” I’m making the decision to tighten things up now.

More obvious choices like or are way out of my price range. Those listed in the poll are about $12 per year. I’m leaving this choice up to you guys:

Much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Need a New URL — Help a Guy Out

  1. I know you have the poll above, but I’m going to offer a few suggestions…

    (the) <– personal fav.

    I like, but most .net's also own the .com as to not confuse people.

  2. For purposes of saying it…I hate M sounds like an N depending on locale and letters are hard for me to remember. Plus, for searching reasons, maybe Andrew Miller is easier than TMT. I’d rather say something like andrewmillerblog, or themillertimesblog, or theandrewmiller (which i voted for because it reminds me of a late night t.v. show).

    • “The” can come off super pretentious, but…then again…it’s a blog.

      I’ve got the same worries about We’re used to hearing “TNT,” so I’d have to fight that association.

  3. I like, the others are way too long. We live in the era of ADD… No one will make it past The. Keep it short and simple, remember people are dumb.

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