The iPad Hits Portland, Apple Fans Rejoice

Throngs of customers showed up this morning at the Pioneer Place Apple Store in Portland, OR for the iPad release.

My love affair with Apple is well-documented. Two laptops, four iPods and one iPhone since I first made the conversion from Microsoft, I can say I worship at the Church of Apple and pray at the altar of Steve Jobs.

I’m not 100 percent on board with Apple’s iPad. Not yet, anyway. My jaw hit the floor in January when Jobs first introduced the device, but I hesitate to buy one because I can’t get over what it’s lacking: no camera, no video, no multitasking, no Flash, no GPS. The iPad has left me feeling like something of heretic.

Forgive me, Steve.

I went to the Pioneer Place Apple Store in downtown Portland today to speak with those who were taking the dive headlong into uncharted waters. I can’t imagine spending $500-$800 for a toy I’ve never played with, but Apple has earned the trust of its worshippers through a decade of innovation and followthrough.

To the Pioneer Place Apple Store’s credit, the roll-out was excellent. It’s hard to guess a number, but a crowd of 25 at 7:30 a.m. swelled to a line of nearly 400 when the 9 a.m. release came. Eager shoppers were treated to free Starbucks coffee, bottles of Smart Water and Pop Tarts by Apple employees. Thumbing away at their iPhones, even hopeless shoppers at the back of the line seemed OK with the wait. These types of consumer spectacles don’t always go so well (See: Black Friday), but Apple did well by their legions of loyalists.

So, who among you is reading this on your iPad? What’s the early review? And if you’re like me, why are you hesitating to drink the Kool-Aid?

11 thoughts on “The iPad Hits Portland, Apple Fans Rejoice

  1. Looks like you quickly fixed and turned off the Recording Tone setting on the Flip, assuming you did buy it. One thing to watch out for is how you delete files. It’s better to manually delete them on the Flip itself or when you do it on a computer to make sure you empty the trash. The one problem with it is that it has a memory read error where if you just trash old files on your computer, the Flip can still read that you only have as many minutes left of recording time as when you had all the files still on the device, even if the Flip is reading that you have no videos saved. This happened and after trying to look everywhere for a solution, I found this dumb video that clearly explains how to fix it. Though you don’t really have to do the last step I don’t think. It’s an old video and after I reformatted my Flip, it gave me my 2 hours of shooting time back and I didn’t need to reinstall the software.

  2. Actually, when I plugged it back in, everything is fine with the software, but it automatically does a software upgrade, which doesn’t affect anything of importance. So if this happens, reformat, disconnect, reconnect, click yes to upgrade, fixed.

  3. You know what I’m most jealous of?

    The Billabong store I saw in the background…. that’s what.

    If I absolutely need and am dying for an iPad, I’ll wait. It’s been proven, good things come to people who wait. Especially when it comes to Apple. Either these people can afford it (and then buy the next gen when that comes out) or they’re idiots. Or both.

  4. Great video. A lot of well spoken consumers. I think it captured the true essence of an Apple fan. Much better than the videos I saw in NYC. Way to represent, Portland!

    • Thanks a lot, man. I literally picked up the Flip UltraHD the night before, never toyed with iMovie. Really learned the importance of non-verbal communication when interviewing on tape. Must’ve said “OK” 200 times. Thanks again!

  5. Hey Andrew,

    Saw you doing your coverage at the lineup in Pioneer Place. Thanks for this video. It looks like the Oregonian is sort of snubbing the iPad so far, so it is nice to get an independent pdx perspective.

    If your are interested in doing an interview with some PDX iPad developers, I could help facilitate this. Our company, Neutrinos, released Rock Show, a free concert posters app for the iPad.

    You can check out the app at



    • I’m in the same boat, Steven. Just a little outside of budget. I think I’ll wait for the second generation, which lands about the time my MacBook will need replacement.

      Thank you for reading and joining TMT Facebook fan page!

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