Playing Journalist at Nike Hoop Summit

Brandon Knight ( No.1 in Class of 2010) takes a shot during a scrimmage Thursday in Tualatin, Ore. (Photo courtesy USA Basketball)

If I had studied for the ACT test with the same fervor I studied the 11 members of the USA Junior National Select Team, I wouldn’t be freelancing for free today at the two Nike Hoop Summit practices.

This morning, I’m headed to Bo Jackson Gym on the campus of Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Ore. This afternoon, practice moves to the Portland Trail Blazers practice facility in Tualatin. Tomorrow night, it’s the Rose Garden for the 13th annual Nike Hoop Summit, also known as Who’s Who of the 2010-11 College Basketball Season.

Blog post today? Unlikely. I’m too focused on North Carolina-recruit Harrison Barnes’ plans for the summer and Tennessee-recruit Tobias Harris’ broken foot. I’m hoping to get back on the air tonight for Sports Xtra on WNSR 560 AM, but the if/when are TBD. Keep an eye on my Twitter for that.

Opportunities like these to see so much talent showcased in one gym are truly rare. So yeah, no other blog posts this morning. I’m a little preoccupied. If you haven’t had the chance yet, savor my Tiger Woods post from yesterday, right below this one. That round of 4-under really switches up the context.

One thought on “Playing Journalist at Nike Hoop Summit

  1. Good luck today! Can Beth go take pictures of you playing journalist? I’ll be waiting for some picture mail.

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