Episode 1 — Fare Warning

Here's the PGE Park MAX Station, where I learned a lesson about freeloading.

My abuse of public transportation finally caught up to me this week. In this week’s podcast, here’s how I finally learned my lesson on when it comes to riding the MAX.

And just to milk the “fair warning” theme today, I’m attending my first Portland Timbers soccer game tonight. The Timbers transition to Major League Soccer next season, but in the meantime, I’m told it’s the most raucous sports environment in the city.

I never thought I’d blog about soccer, but tune in tomorrow.

One thought on “Episode 1 — Fare Warning

  1. It has been years, but I remember that “heart in the throat” feeling when being pulled over for a speeding violation…I imagine that is how you felt Andrew when the announcement came over the loud speaker. Had never heard”once bitten, twice shy”.

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